Megasquirt I/O Board In The Works …

At Stratified we’re automotive enthusiasts like yourselves and we believe the best ideasĀ come out necessity. We’ve been working with the Megasquirt product line for several years and have a good idea about the pros and cons of of using this platform for a standalone.

The low entry level cost, great versatility, and user base make the Megasquirt an excellent and very adaptable platform. However, the adaptability of the MS comes at a cost and that cost is the requirement for customization. As a customer and a tuner, I want a product that works out of the box. I don’t want to fiddle with wires, cut up my harness, and read for weeks before I can make use of my standalone. We therefore did our homework and offered our customers PNP Megasquirt solutions for the BP Mazda platform.

To further evolve we wanted to offer our customers PNP solutions AND the ability to expand the functionality of their Megasquirt without cramming extra components in the box, drilling and bolting to their case, and just ending up with an ugly solution.

Enter the Stratified Megasquirt I/O Board that is under development and on its third revision.

Megasquirt I/O Board

When the Megasquirt I/O board will be released, it will plug into your existing Megasquirt system and will allow you to use and add features to your system without tearing into the ECU box itself. The solution is clean, user focused, and will open up the market to more vehicle makes and models including KL V6 Mazdas and 1990+ Hondas.

This means that wideband sensors, boost control, multiple relay drivers, fan control, sequential injection, COP and wasted spark will be easy to add to your current MS box or a new install. Stay tuned for the release of our Megasquirt I/O board in the next few months …