How to run over 29 PSI on the EcoBoost Focus ST

TL; DR – if you want to run more than 28-29psi of boost you will need to upgrade your MAP sensors with this kit:
Guardian Angel V2 Overboost Protection and 4 Bar MAP Sensor [GUARDIAN_ANGEL_V2] – $215.00USD : Stratified Automotive Controls

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Now on to the details:

The 4 cylinder Ecoboost calculates fuelling, timing, engine load … all the important parameters needed to correctly and safely run the engine by measuring the pressure in the charge air system at two distinct points using two MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensors.

1. At the manifold itself.

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2. At the outlet of the intercooler. This sensor measures both pressure (TIP) and charge air temperature (CAT).

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Both of these sensors are capable of reading 3 bar of absolute pressure. This translates to around 29psi of boost at sea level. In order to tune above this boost level, you must allow the ECU to read higher pressures. This requires upgrading both of these sensors with units that read higher. We have devised a solution to upgrade these sensors (a requirement for moving above 29psi safely) that is easy to install and offers several other benefits.

1. At the manifold, we use the Guardian Angel with a MAP sensor output. The Guardian Angel has an integrated 4 bar MAP sensor (measures up to 44psi of boost). Since the GA is always monitoring your boost anyway, we bring out this signal, and attach it to the wire going to the ECU. This is very easy to install (cut and splice 1 wire) and on top of it you have the key benefits of the Guardian Angel:

– Overboost protection
– Blow off/bypass valve control that is tunable and prevents the surge you see with the OEM BPV solenoid
– External input for a WMI failsafe

2. At the intercooler, we replace the MAP sensor with a genuine Bosch unit that plugs right in. You have an option of a 3.5 bar (up to 37psi of boost) or 4 bar (44psi of boost). The 4 bar is quite a bit more expensive so only get it if you need it. This secondary sensor (3.5 and 4 bar) can be purchased as an option when you get the GA.

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Aside from this you need to adjust the tune for these (or we cand do it for you) (the COBB Accessport has all the tools to do this) and you will need a symposer delete to give the Guardian Angel the manifold pressure signal. We have tested the components and kit and offer it for those that are looking at pushing the boost higher and higher on the platform.

Guardian Angel V2 Overboost Protection and 4 Bar MAP Sensor [GUARDIAN_ANGEL_V2] – $215.00USD : Stratified Automotive Controls