How to set up a water-methanol injection (WMI) kit on a MazdaSpeed using the stock washer tank

The octane and cooling benefits of installing a WMI kit on the MazdaSpeed and other vehicles is well documented. However one of the toughest parts of the installation is installing the fluid tank in a tight engine bay. The vehicles however come with a perfectly good and methanol safe tank for windshield washer fluid (washer fluid contains methanol). On top of this they have a low level light – a huge bonus.

While tapping the stock tank is an option, there is another option for using this tank without tapping it – drawing through the OEM washer pump.

The 2007-09 and 2010-13 vehicles have a different setup for this so we have created 2 diagrams attached below to show the two different setups. In both cases the windshield washers will continue working. However for the Gen2 (2010-13) cars the more complicated setup means that when activating the front washer, fluid will also be sent to the back and vice-versa. This can be a nuisance and if you don’t need the rear washer you can always just cap the line going to the rear washer.

We have also suggested a mounting solution for the nozzle into the silicone coupler rather than drilling and tapping a hard pipe. This will work well for setups where the charge pipes are thin and aluminum.

Now you no longer have to run lines inside the car or add another tank and can enjoy the benefits of WMI if these were holding you back! If you require any tuning services with your newly installed WMI kit, please see our Tuning Packages.

2007-2009 (Gen1) cars

2010-2013 (Gen2) cars

The Stratified Team