Instructional Videos for our Megasquirt Plug and Play Systems

We realize that if a picture is worth a thousand words – then a video must be … well you get the idea. We plan on augmenting our site with instructional videos that hopefully make it easier to see what the products do, how to set them up etc.

To start off, there is some confusion about what our GENERIC Megasquirt Plug and Play does compared to the vehicle specific ones.

Well, the GENERIC unit is exactly the same as the vehicle specific units – however, the connections have not been made inside to match to the OEM wiring of that particular vehicle.

The first video shows how to go about making those connections and making the GENERIC unit vehicle specific. In this case, we wire it up for a KL Powered Mazda MX-6. This shows you how easy it is to do and how you can save ($140 in this case) by doing this yourself.

A software setup video will follow.

Any questions, please Contact Us as usual

Happy Tuning, The Stratified Team

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