Launch Control, Flat Foot Shift, Primary Rev Limiter

We get a lot of questions regarding the Launch Control (LC) and Flat Foot Shift (FFS) functionality on the Ford Focus as well as Mazdaspeed vehicles. Hopefully this article can clear some of the ambiguities.

The Ford Focus ST and Mazdaspeed vehicles feature 3 fuel cut rev limiters. The primary rev limit is the same as that which comes from the factory and is designed to prevent your engine from over-rev damage. The LC and FFS limiters are interconnected via a speed threshold. Below the speed threshold (typically 6 MPH) the LC limiter is activated and above the threshold the FFS limiter switches on when both the clutch and accelerator are depressed at the same time.

1. Primary Rev Limit: This is the maximum allowable engine speed. This limiter is generally set at 6700 RPM for the MazdaSpeed vehicles and 7200 for the Focus ST. It can be changed from these values if need be and this can be discussed with your tuner.

2. Launch Control: When activated this limiter is always on at speeds below the LC/FFS threshold, it works by holding the engine at your predetermined RPM via a fuel cut. Where you set launch control will affect how much wheel spin you get off the line. Most of our customers set this between 2500 – 4000 RPM. Focus ST customers with map switching have the luxury of selecting up to four different LC settings. If you are unsure where to set LC we recommend setting the values at least 250RPM apart. Typical Focus ST LC settings are something like this: 2,750, 3,000, 3,250, 3,500. To test if LC is activated simply put your foot to the floor with the car in neutral/with the clutch depressed and below 6 MPH, the engine will hold at your predetermined RPM.

3. Flat Foot Shift: When activated this limiter is always on at speeds above the LC/FFS threshold. To use FFS simply keep your foot floored to the next gear shift point. Without lifting your foot step on the clutch, the revs will drop to the FFS limiter value as you select the next gear. Next drop the clutch with your accelerator still floored. Simple as that.

How to activate these limiters:

Once you’ve received and installed your map there is nothing you need to do to activate these limiters. They are always ready and waiting for you to use them.

Focus ST: When you purchase your S-OTS+ map you will be sent a link to an online tuning form. Use this form to tell us whether you would like LC/FFS activated and, if you do, where you would like them to be set. If you have purchased a custom tune then you can let your tuner know either in the preliminary custom tuning form or via email directly.

Mazdaspeed: COBB has an excellent online utility which allows you to change the LC and FFS settings on locked maps. Follow this link to the COBB website. If you purchased a custom tune then you can let your tuner know via email or the preliminary custom tuning form where you would like FFS and LC set.

Here’s a video of Braden at COBB demonstrating LC, FFS, and map switching on a Focus ST.