What can be changed via the map slots on the COBB Accessport and the Ecoboost?

We get this question a lot: What can we change between the different map slots on the Focus/Mustang/Fiesta/Fusion Ecoboost when using the COBB AccessPort?

The majority of the tune is actually the SAME between the different slots. The parameters that can be changed from one slot to another are as follows:

– Air/Fuel Ratio Target
– Stoich setpoint for the fuel being used (allows E85 blends)
– Ignition timing
– Launch control
– Rev limiter
– Boost target
– Wastegate/boost control table

The rest of the hundreds of tables remain the same between any of the slots on the same tune. So things like how the throttle feels/driveability, load targets, timing compensations, knock control, cold start, symposer control, active grill shutters etc. – these will be the same regardless of the map slot you are using. COBB has done a great job to allow us to change boost targets and type of fuel used between slots while allowing the DNA of the tune to stay the same.

Hope this gives you some further insight into what these 5 map slots are all about and what they can do.